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Christian Marriage Counselors

If you’ve reached a point of desperation in your marriage and don’t know where to turn, find real hope from the Christian marriage counselors at Marriage Rescue! Our Christian marriage therapy model relies on intensive, faith-based marriage retreats rather than weekly counseling — because we know the support you can gain in a few intensive days rivals that of months in weekly sessions. We have retreats for three, four or five days, depending on your needs and the issues in your marriage. And if you think your marriage is beyond hope, think again. We specialize in working with couples on the brink of divorce, even as they are facing issues of infidelity, broken trust, blended families and more. We can tell you firsthand that it is possible to recover in a private and nurturing environment like one of our retreats. As Christian marriage counselors, we can help you get to the root of problems and find solutions to make your marriage thrive again.

Support in Solution-Oriented Christian Marriage Therapy

Our retreats focus on what’s known as solution-oriented counseling. In other words, we strive to find solutions for your marriage rather than just dwelling on the problems. Too many times, couples try over and over again to talk about their problems but never resolve the underlying issues causing them. When this happens, the problems escalate rather than change. So when you come to one of our retreats, we observe you and your spouse and ask particular questions designed to reveal issues beneath the surface. What’s more, we help you move toward solutions that will mean permanent, lasting change.

Counseling Geared Towards Painful, Difficult Issues

We work with couples that are facing some of the most painful and serious marriage problems imaginable — but, through intensive, concentrated retreats, are able to help them overcome problems and move forward together. Whether it’s the devastating effects of an affair, repeatedly heated arguments, unresolved past hurts, poor communication or the complications of a blended family, we spend an intensive set of days working with you to find solutions that will last. Through Christian marriage therapy, you and your spouse gain the support needed to find each other again — even in the dire situations we work with, we have a 90 percent success rate. We’d love to make your marriage our next restored relationship!

Our Background and Experience

We are Wendy and John Godfrey, experienced and compassionate Christian marriage counselors who are passionate about helping couples who are hurting find help. We deeply care about the pain you are going through, and we want to help. Wendy is a specialist in crisis marriage counseling and has advanced training in solution-oriented counseling. John is skilled at helping couples overcome obstacles like ongoing exhaustion, infidelity, constant strife and so on. Together, we provide immediate, highly skilled counseling to bring your marriage into recovery. We are professionally affiliated with the American Association of Christian Counselors, the Society for Christian Psychology and the International Board of Christian Counselors. While the support we offer is faith-based, we work with couples of all religious backgrounds to find healing and hope.


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